Je t’aime    2015    an installation at Vieux Presbyter de Deschambault, Biennale internationale du lin de Port Neuf, Québec; 268 x 705 x 120 cm, cotton and linen thread, masking tape -

Je t'aime   (another view)

Je t'aime     (Detail)

Starry Night III   2015   An installation at Diagonale, Montréal, Quebec; 396 x 702 x 612 cm, newspaper, thread, masking tape             newspaper, thread, masking tape.

Starry Night III     Another view

River Arlene Mountain    2013    An installation at Glenhyrst Art Gallery, Brantford, Ontario; 104 x 145 x 2,5 cm, found buttons, pins

Starry Night II      2013    Ah installation at Glenhyrst Art Gallery, Ontario;  mixed threads

Starry Night  II  (Detail)

Elena    2012    An installation at Elena Lee Gallery, Montreal; 120 x 104 x 7 cm, skin of twigs

Black, White and Red     2011    An installation at Durham Art Gallery, Durham, Ontario;  Chinese ink, nail, silk thread

Shangri-La    2010   An installation at binnale nationale de sculpture contemporaine, Trois-Riviéres, Québec;                    244 x 854 x 8 cm, dry grass, glass bead

Mirage     2008       179 x 920 x 2 cm, silk thread, nail

Bitter Sea     2007    An installation at Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, Waterloon, Ontario; 30 x 272 x 272 cm, cotton cloth, thread, wire, garbage bag, water, glass wine bottle

From A to Z     2006      An installation at Southern Alberta Art Gallery;  175 x 645 x 213 cm, thread, nail

In the Light of Their Own    2004   An installation at Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto; 244 x 232 x 10 cm, charred wood, cotton organza, gampi paper, nail

What It Is I Came for, I Turn and Turn Part VI    2004       244 x 915 x 36 cm, incense

Buddha’s Eyes      2002     An installation at Harbourfront Centre, Toronto; 88 x 260 x 1 cm, button, nail
Buddha’s Eyes   (Detail)

Suspension      1981 -An  installation at Banff Centre; egg, thread, stone, wood

Suspension (Detail)